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Canva Course

=>1. Introduction to Canva
=>2. How to Create Canva Account Free and pro & Setup also?
=>3. Canva Dashboard Explanation?
=>4. How to Design Graphics Images?
=>5. How to Select Format of a Template Design?
=>6. How to Design Youtube Thumbnails, Channel Art?
=>7.How to Design Social Media Posts, Stories, Banners, Logos, etc.
=>8. How do design Personal Invitations, Cards, Postcards?
=>9. Designing Brochures, Infographics, Marketing Flyers, etc?
=>10. Adding texts, Images, and Many More in Design Format?
=>11.Creating Backgrounds with different setups?
=>12. How to upload the Arts and Images or Custom images to your design?
=>13. How to save your Work and Download it?
=>14. How to Share our template and Sell template to Earn Money?
=>15. How to Earn Money through Canva?

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